After quite a few months of planning (including a little planning wrangling), we finally started work on our SIPs garage – in October, clearly the best time of year for starting a building project in the Peak District!

Once the groundworks were completed by a local builder/contractor (A M Smith Construction) and the scaffolding was up (Hope Valley Scaffolding) the SIPs firm, McVeigh Offsite arrived on site on 6th November and started work.

The first day was spent getting the battens aligned and screwed down onto the blockwork upstand and after that the “big” construction started.  You can now see why we used SIPs with the Peak District weather!  6 working days and the structure was complete, including the roof (not shown on this video) and temporarily weatherproof (the entire building is wrapped in a breathable, waterproof membrane).

Once the structure was up we got the roofing on pronto to get the building properly weatherproof and ready for the Edale winter!  Thanks to Mark, Dean and Wayne at MD Roofing & Building Services for a great job on the roof slating including the flashing around 4 Velux windows (as well as tolerating some of my less than standard materials planning!)  About 8 weeks in total from green field to weatherproof shell, and only 4 weeks from groundworks complete to the roof going on.  Try and do that with block and stone…..